Sunday, 10 May 2020

When Do You Need an Eye Examination in Kolkata

The quality of your eyesight is not one of those things that you likely think about every day. Whether you wear glasses or have never experienced any vision correction, you may not find it necessary to check your eyesight every morning.

Typically, people lose their eyesight or have issues in visions as they are ageing. This is a gradual process, and it happens over time. This is the reason you may not notice how every day your eyesight is deteriorating until the issue becomes something major.

But, when do you exactly consider eye examination in Kolkata necessary?

When to Meet an Eye Specialist for Testing

  • Changes in Your Night Vision
  • When you notice that you are having issues in seeing things at night, you should book your appointment with an eye doctor. Can you see the other cars or the signal lights or the letters on the roadside signboards clearly? Are you able to read the numbers of the busses from a certain distance at night? While driving at night, you may have issues with your vision which can be treated as the first sing of eyesight problem. If you can see halos around lights, or not able to read the signboards, then you must fix an appointment with your eye specialist without any delay.
  • Having a Certain Health Condition
  • There are several health conditions that can affect your eyesight severely. If you are diagnosed with any one of these, then you must consult a reputed and professional ophthalmologist to check your eyes and have the remedies. Diabetes, lupus, and a thyroid condition are some of these ailments that can have a severe effect on your eyesight. Apart from the regular treatment for these diseases, you need to go for regular eye check-up in the top Eye Test Clinic in Kolkata to keep your eyesight in favourable condition for you.
  • Sudden Eye Infection
  • A sudden eye-infection, allergic reaction or discharge from the eyes can make your life miserable. While most of the eye infections do not need any medical attention, and you can get rid of them after a while, there are some infections that can be highly dangerous and contagious for your eyes. These infections can damage your eyesight permanently if you fail to have proper and faster treatment.
  • Migraines and Other Headaches
  • Headache and migraine are the results of stress, muscle tension and irregular lifestyle. These conditions may have a severe effect on your eyesight too. Hence, you should visit the best eye-specialist in your area to get the treatment.
  • Cataract Surgery
  • With growing age, people may have a cataract on their eyes. To treat that issue rightly, you need to look for the Top 10 Ophthal Surgeons in Kolkata. You must consider visiting experienced and reputed ophthalmologist for the operation of your cataract.
At Radiant Eye Foundation, we offer you the best treatment and examination for your eyes. We are a reputed eye clinic in Elgin, Kolkata. We have the experts in this field. Our clinic has advanced tools and the best technologies to examine the eyes of the patients. Please contact us for more details.

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